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문라이즈 킹덤 (Moonrise Kingdom) 다시보기 리뷰 / Double Dipping: The Watch and Moonrise Kindgom
Opening in theatres this past weekend was The Watch, a foul-mouthed comedy centering on a proud local citizen named Evan (played by Stiller) who decides to form a Neighborhood Watch after one of his employees is murdered during a night shift. Evan convinces three off-the-wall guys to join his group. First there's Bob (played by Vaughn), a loud and vocal father with two distinct agendas in mind. Bob is looking to meet some guys who want to hang out, drink beers, and have a rowdy good time, and he wants to do everything in his power to make sure his teenage daughter stays a virgin. Then there's Franklin (played by Hill), a mentally disturbed Police Academy dropout with a twisted mind and an obvious sense of aggression. And last but not least there's Jamarcus (played by Richard Ayoade), an English newcomer to the town who's looking to meet some friends. Everything seems well and good with the quartet until they discover that Evan's employee was murdered by an alien who is planning a carefully calculated invasion of Earth. Therefore it's up to this wild bunch of misfits to save the planet from absolute destruction.

At first glance, The Watch appears to be a re-hatched set of ideas with nothing new to add to the Sci-Fi/Comedy genre. In some ways, that's absolutely true. The Watch is a 100 minute long series of male genital jokes and lewd behavior. While almost nothing in the film feels original, the feature still boasts an uproariously funny set of actors that help sustain a solid sense of entertainment throughout the entire duration. Perhaps most notable is newcomer Richard Ayoade, a British actor/comedian finally making his way across the pond. Ayoade offers the only feeling of creativity to the movie. With Stiller, Hill, and Vaughn we see the same characters that we've grown to either love or hate time and time again. However, Ayoade is a sigh of relief and a fresh face to help accentuate the film's jokes.

While I won't urge anyone to rush out to theatres to see The Watch, I will say that it was slightly better than advertised and funnier than I expected it to be. If the members of the cast have a long history of making you laugh, than catch The Watch in theatres or on DVD somewhere down the line. Chances are you'll be mildly entertained and laughing enough to keep you somewhat satisfied.

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